FarmRex farm recording software

farmrex farm recording management software

FarmRex is an online farm record keeping software app designed to be easy to use and the best value for money.

Features include:

Farm equipment records

Farm machinery and equipment (tractors, combines, motor bikes, headers, quad bikes, four wheelers, mowers and slashing equipment, sowing machinery and equipment, etc) specifications such as oil types and capacities, oil, hydraulic and air filters, service schedules can be recorded along with purchase price and date. Service operations and repairs can be recorded as well as additional notes.

Livestock record keeping

Livestock procedures, operations, husbandry, livestock numbers, livestock groups (cattle herds, sheep flocks, goat herds, alpaca herds, etc) and sales can be recorded easily.

Paddock and field operations and crops

Operations that you carry out in your paddocks or fields can be noted such as what the paddock or field is used for, soil type and planting history. Crop types and varieties can be recorded.

Farm chemicals

Any chemical that you use on the farm should always be recorded along with the purchase date, expiry date, withholding period, etc. FarmRex Chemical Locker is used for this purpose.

Simple tasks manager

The task manager is a very simple to-do list. Jobs can be given to employees and can be marked as urgent if required. Your employees can add additional notes as required and marked as completed.

Weather records

Daily rainfall and temperatures can be entered in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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