Kurraglen Customers Projects

If you have purchased one of our plan books and would like to show off your handy work, you can email photos of your equipment or yards that you have made from our books and we will put them up on our website for others to admire. You can even be in the photo if you would like to be. Be sure that you include your name, where you are from and a brief description. Please make sure that the photos are of good quality, in jpg (jpeg) or png format, at least 72 dpi and at least 900 pixels by 675 pixels. Email them to us by clicking here.

adjustable sheep and goat loading ramp

Andy's Sheep Loading Ramp

goat working race

Henry's goat working race

sheep yard

Greg's sheep yard

cattle crush photo

Les Mills cattle crush

cattle vet crush photo

Les Mills cattle crush

matts cattle crush

Matt's Cattle Crush

matts cattle loading ramp

Matt's cattle loading ramp

sheep drafting race

Shane's sheep drafting race

simons sheep yard

Simon's sheep and goat yard

sheep weigh crate

Warrick's sheep weigh crate

sheep draft gate box

Troy's sheep draft gates

troy's sheep race gate

Troy's sheep race gate

nic's homemade modified sheep race

Nic's homemade sheep race

nic's homemade modified sheep race

Nic's sheep yard

brad's homemade adjustable sheep loading ramp

Brad's sheep loading ramp