Metric imperial conversion calculator

Our free and easy to use metric to imperial and imperial to metric conversion calculator and conversion rates tables, allows you to convert length, area, volume (capacity), weight (mass) and temperature from and to metric and imperial measurements.

  1. Select the measurement that you would like to convert.
    Length, Area, Volume, Weight or Temperature.
  2. Enter the quantity and the units to convert from.
  3. Enter the units that you would like to convert to.
  4. Click on "Calculate" button.
  5. To carry out some more conversions, click the "Reset" button.
  6. To view the conversion rates tables, click on the symbol.

Length Conversion

Length Conversion Rates

Area Conversion

Area Conversion Rates

Volume - Capacity Conversion

Volume Conversion Rates

Weight - Mass Conversion

Weight - Mass Conversion Rates

Temperature Conversion