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Below are a range of questions that you may have before proceeding to purchase our plans books.

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List of Questions

That's OK. Most people aren't. The drawings aren't technical drawings. We have made the plans as simple as possible by including plan views and three dimensional views in the books with item numbers mentioned in the instructions.
Each of our plans includes a materials list and also a cutting list.
The equipment and tools required include a welder, clamps, angle grinder, tape measure, level, etc. Some of our plans have sheet metal which will require cutting and/or folding. Sheet metal can be cut with an angle grinder fitted with a cutting disc but it is much safer and will have a cleaner edge if you have a local steel fabrication workshop cut and fold the sheet metal.
All of our plan measurements use the metric system.
Yes. All of the steel used are common sizes. We also list some suppliers in the book for some of the items that may not be available locally.
Yes, of course. There are many options when building livestock equipment and what may be appropriate for some, may not be appropriate for you.
Our plan books are printed and bound with plastic comb binders using heavier than normal 100 gsm paper. Some of them are available as a downloadable pdf file.
The plan books that we have available are listed on this website. If you wish to be notified when more books are produced, please subscribe to our mailing list.

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