Hanging Hay Feeder Plans

Free Hanging Hay Feeder Rack Plans

This small hanging hay feeder is perfect for cattle, horses, alpacas, llamas, goats, sheep, etc. It can be mounted using screws or bolts to a wall or fence. The length suggested is 1200mm long but can be made to any length to suit your own needs.

The steel shown in the cutting list is only a guide as you may have other material already available that you can use.

Materials Required
Item Number Material Length Quantity
1 25x25x2 SHS 500mm 2
2 25x25x2 SHS 620mm 2
3 25x3 flat bar 778mm 2
4 50x50x4 SHS 700mm 2
5 25x25x2 SHS 1150mm 3
6 40x5 flat bar 60mm 4
hanging hay rack angle cut shs

Diagram 1

1. Begin by cutting all of the steel as indicated in the cutting list. Label each with the item number on it using a marking pen and set aside. Cut items 3 with a 35 degree angle both ends as shown in diagram 1.

hanging hay feeder end frame

Diagram 2

2. Weld one of each of items 1, 2, 3 and 4 together as shown in diagram 2. Two of these end frames are required.

Item 4 (25x3 flat bar) is welded across the ends of items 2 and 3. Refer to diagram 2.

hanging hay rack feeder mounting plates

Diagram 3

3. Drill a hole in items 6 (40x5mm flat bar). Refer to diagram 3. We have suggested a size of 12mm but this will depend on the size of the fasteners that you intend to use.

free hanging hay rack feeder frame plans

Diagram 4

4. Tack weld the frame together as shown in diagram 4. Recheck that the frame is still square and fully weld. Refer to diagram 4. Weld items 6 in place. The top ones should be approximately 30mm down from the top and the lower ones should be 30mm up from the bottom of the frame.

steel hanging hay feeder rack free plans

Diagram 5

5. Cut the galvanised mesh to size and weld in place.

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