Free Hinge Joint Wire Spinner Plans

Free Hinge Joint Wire Spinner Plans

Sick of kicking your hinge joint fencing along the ground to unroll it? This simple implement simply attaches to the three point linkage on your tractor and allows the tractor to do all of the hard work.

If you wish to unroll wider rolls of fencing, simply increase the length of items 1 and 10.

Materials Required
Item Number Material Length Quantity
1 75x75x3mm SHS 1200mm 1
2 75x75x3mm SHS 595mm 1
3 75x5mm flat 75mm 1
4 75x8mm flat 100mm 2
5 75x8mm flat 80mm 2
6 75x8mm flat 350mm 2
7 75x50x6mm angle 520mm 2
8 32NB light wall pipe 75mm 2
9 75x5mm flat 50mm 2
10 25NB medium wall pipe 1500 1
  Lower 3 point linkage pins To suit your tractor 2
Upper 3 point linkage pin To suit your tractor 1
Lynch Pins   2
hinge joint wire spinner

Diagram 1

1. Begin by cutting the steel to the required sizes.

2. Weld item 3 onto one end of item 2 to close the end off.

3. Weld item 2 to item 1 in the centre. Refer to diagrams 1 and 2.

4. Weld items 6 to item 2 as shown in diagram 2.

5. Weld items 7 to the ends of item 1 as shown in diagram 2.

6. Weld items 8 and 9 to items 7. Refer to diagram 1.

hinge joint wire spinner

Diagram 2

7. Drill holes into items 4 and 5. The size will depend on what size pins are on your tractors three point linkage.

8. Weld items 4 and 5 in place as shown in diagrams 1 and 2.

9. Drill holes in the ends of item 10 to suit your lynch pins.

10. Grind any welds as required and paint.

User Comments

Thanks for the free plans. I have always struggled to roll out hinge joint wire or netting especially on hilly country. Now I just hook it up to the tractor and do it the easy way.

This really has saved my aching back.

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