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Free 1000 Litre IBC Tote Pod Stand Plans

An IBC (Intermediate bulk container), also known as water pod, IBC tote, IBC plastic water tank or pallet tank, is designed to transport and store liquids safely.

This IBC stand will make it easy and safe to dispense liquids from your IBC to other containers.

The plans are designed for 100 litre IBC's which have dimensions of 1000mm wide x 1200mm long but the plans can be modified to suit the Pod or IBC that you have.

Materials Required
Item Number Material Length Quantity
1 100x75x8 angle 1245mm 2
2 100x75x8 angle 1045mm 2
3 75x8 flat bar 220mm 2
4 75x8 flat bar 845mm 2
5 75x75x3.0 SHS 1000mm 4
6 50x50x2.5 SHS 735mm 4
7 50x50x2.5 SHS 870mm 2
8 130x8 flat bar 130mm 4
ibc stand top frame plans

Diagram 1

1. Begin by cutting all of the steel as indicated in the cutting list. Label each with the item number on it using a marking pen and set aside. Take note of the mitre cuts for the angle, flat bar and SHS to ensure that they are cut the correct way.

2. Tack weld the top frame together as shown in diagram 1. Check that the frame is square and fully weld.

ibc stand main frame plans

Diagram 2

3. Tack weld items 3 and 4 in place as shown in diagram 2. Recheck that the frame is still square and fully weld.

ibc stand legs installed free plans

Diagram 3

4. Turn the top frame upside down and tack weld items 5 in place. Ensure that there is a distance of 870mm between the legs for items 7 to fit. Tack weld items 7 in place. These should be installed 480mm up from the bottom of the legs. Refer to diagram 3.

5. Tack weld items 6 in place as shown in diagram 3.

6. Recheck that the legs are plumb and that the stand frame is still square and fully weld.

7. Weld items 8 onto the bottom of the legs.

8. Clean up any welds using a flap disc or grinding disc and paint as required.

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