Free Sheep & Goat Guillotine Gate Plans

Free Goat & Sheep Guillotine Race Gate Plans

This guillotine race gate is a handy addition to your sheep or goat yards as it can be operated remotely by pulling on a rope or cord connected through a pulley and onto the top of the guillotine gate. You may wish to change the overall height of the main frame, the height or width of the gate to suit your own needs.

Materials Required
Item Number Material Length Quantity
1 50x50x2mm SHS 2200mm 4
2 50x50x2mm SHS 650mm 4
3 65x5mm flat bar 2200mm 2
4 65x5mm flat bar 100mm 2
5 40x40x2mm SHS 870mm 2
6 40x40x2mm SHS 640mm 2
7 25x25x2mm SHS 870mm 4
sheep and goat guillotine gate main frame

Diagram 1

1. Begin by cutting all of the steel as indicated in the cutting list. Label each with the item number on it using a marking pen and set aside.

2. Tack weld Items 1 and 2 together as shown in Diagram 1. Ensure that the frames are square and fully weld. Two of these frames are required.

sheep and goat guillotine gate frame flat bar

Diagram 2

3. Position both of the frames together so that there is a space of 45mm between them. This spacing is for the gate which has a width of 40mm plus a clearance of 5mm. Refer to Diagram 2.

4. Position 1 of Items 3 on each side of the main frame and weld in place as shown in Diagram 2.

5. Next place Items 4 at the bottom of the main frame and weld in place. These are for the gate to rest on.

sheep goat guillotine gate plans

Diagram 3

6. Lay out Items 5, 6 and 7 as shown in Diagram 3 and tack weld together.

7. Ensure that the gate is square and fully weld.

how to make sheep goat guillotine gate plans

Diagram 4

8. Insert the gate into the main frame from the top.

9. Fit the eye bolt to the top of the gate as shown in Diagram 4.

homemade sheep goat guillotine gate plans

Diagram 5

10. Fit the pulley to the top of the main frame. Refer to Diagram 5.

11. Grind any welds as required and paint

12. Fix one end of a length of rope onto the eye bolt on the gate and feed it through the pulley. The other end of the rope will need to be fixed to another point along the race so that when it is pulled from any position, the gate is raised.

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I couldn't find anything ready to buy here in Sweden but after my searching on Google for this type of sheep gate, I found this which fitted my needs perfectly.

Wonderful job on the plans. So easy. Thank you.

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