Steel Goat Milking Stand Plans

Free Steel Goat Milking Stand Plans

There are many goat milking stand plans available which are made from wood (timber) but if you build one from steel (metal), it will not rot or become weak or loose as timber can.

This stand can also be used as a hoof trimming or grooming stand for sheep or goats.

Materials Required
Item Number Material Length Quantity
1 40x40x2.0 SHS 1200mm 2
2 40x40x2.0 SHS 500mm 2
3 40x40x2.0 SHS 420mm 2
4 40x40x2.0 SHS 400mm 2
5 50x5 flat bar 420mm 2
6 40x40x2.0 SHS 1320mm 2
7 40x5.0 flat 560mm 4
8 25x3.0 flat 330mm 4
9 65x5.0 flat 65mm 4
10 30x30x2.0 SHS 980mm 2
11 30x30x2.0 SHS 800mm 1
12 25x25x2.0 SHS 1125mm 2
13 40x40x2.0 SHS 1000mm 2
14 40x40x2.0 SHS 500mm 2
15 40x40x2.0 SHS 420mm 1
goat milking stand main floor

Diagram 1

1. Begin by cutting all of the steel as indicated in the cutting list. Label each with the item number on it using a marking pen and set aside. Take note of the mitre cuts for the SHS to ensure that they are cut the correct way.

2. Tack weld the main floor frame together as shown in diagram 1. Check that the frame is square and fully weld.

metal goat milking stand frames plans

Diagram 2

3. Tack weld items 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 as shown in diagrams 2 and 3. The top of items 7 are located 25mm down from the tops of items 6.

steel goat milking stand frame

Diagram 3

3 (continued). Check that the frame is square and fully weld.

goat milking stand flat bar drilling

Diagram 4

4. Drill 11mm holes in the remaining items 7. Refer to diagram 4.

steel goat grooming milking stand free plans

Diagram 5

5. Weld one of items 10 to the upper and lower flat bar (items 7) as shown in diagram 5. This is the fixed side of the head bails. Diagram 5 is viewed from the head bail end of the stand.

6. Drill an 11mm diameter hole in one of items 10. The centre of the hole should be 20mm in from the lower end. Install the item 10 with the hole in it as shown in diagram 5. Secure this in place with a M10x65 zinc plated bolt and nyloc nut.

goat milking stand head bails plans

Diagram 6

7. Cut a length of 25x5mm flat bar 10mm long and an 8mm round bar 50mm long. Weld these in place as shown in diagram 6. The bottom edge of the flat and round bar should be approximately 45mm above items 7. Weld a 500mm length of 5 or 6mm gal chain in place. Refer to diagram 6.

goat milking stand railing plans

Diagram 7

8. Weld items 11 and 12 in place as shown in diagram 7.

goat milking stand ramp floor frame plans

Diagram 8

9. Tack weld items 13, 14 and 15 together. Check that the frame is square and fully weld.

goat milking stand ramp pivot plans

Diagram 9

10. Cut four lengths of 15nb medium wall pipe each 75mm long. Cut one length of 12mm round bar 650mm long. Bend the round bar at a 90 degree angle 150mm in from the end.

11. Tack weld the 15nb pipe in place. The two outer lengths are welded to the main frame whilst the two inner lengths are welded to the ramp frame. Ensure that the tops of the frames are level with each other at the top and that the 12mm round bar will slide into the pieces of pipe, then fully weld the pipe in place. Refer to diagram 9.

12. Clean any welds using a grinding disc or flap disc and paint as required.

13. Install your choice of flooring. This can be exterior grade plywood, steel grating or expanded metal mesh.

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