Free Tractor 3PL Boom Plans

Free Tractor 3 Point Linkage Boom (Crane) Plans

This three point linkage trailer hitch adapter is useful for easily lifting equipment around your farm.

WARNING: DO NOT attempt to build this project if you are not a skilled welder as failure of welds can result in injury to people or damage to property.

The steel shown in the cutting list is only a guide as you may have other material already available that you can use.

Materials Required
Item Number Material Length Quantity
1 75x75x4mm SHS 500mm 1
2 75x75x4mm SHS 2200mm 1
3 75x75x4mm SHS 700mm 1
4 75x75x4mm SHS 930mm 1
5 50x10mm flat 450mm 2
6 75x10mm flat 75mm 1
7 75x10mm flat 1900mm 1
8 75x12mm flat 1200mm 1
9 25nb medium wall pipe 1000mm 2
10 75x10mm flat 140mm 2
11 75x10mm flat 140mm 2
  Lower 3 point linkage pins To suit your tractor 2
Upper 3 point linkage pin To suit your tractor 1
tractor 3pl boom plans

Diagram 1

1. Begin by cutting the steel to the required sizes. Note that Item 2 has a 15 degree mitre cut on one end. Refer to Diagram 1. Also note that Item 4 has a 45 degree mitre cut on one end and a 60 degree mitre cut on the other end. Refer to Diagram 2.

2. Position Items 1 and 2 as shown in Diagram 1 and tack weld together. Ensure that the angle inside the 2 pieces of steel is 105 degrees.

tractor 3pl boom plans

Diagram 2


tractor 3pl boom plans

Diagram 3

3. Position the previously welded items into the centre of Item 3 as shown in Diagram 3 and tack weld.

4. Position Item 4 in place and tack weld. Refer to Diagram 3.

5. Fully weld all previously tack welded pieces of shs.

tractor 3pl boom plans

Diagram 4

6. Drill holes in Item 8 as shown in Diagram 4. The hole size will depend on what size ā€œDā€ shackle you intend to use. Hole spacings are a suggestion only.

7. Drill holes in Items 10 to suit your tractors lower pins and Items 11 to suit the top pin of your three point linkage.

tractor 3pl boom plans

Diagram 5

8. Weld Items 8, 10 and 11 in place. Refer to Diagram 5.

9. Position Item 6 half way along Item 2 and weld in place. Refer to Diagram 5.

10. Mark the centre of Item 7 and position the centre mark over Item 6. Tack weld one end of Item 7 to Item 2, bend it over Item 6 and tack weld the other end. Fully weld. Refer to Diagram 5.

tractor 3pl boom plans

Diagram 6

11. Next to be fitted are Items 9. These can either be cut to the required angles and welded in place as shown in Diagram 6 or a simpler solution is to flatten the ends at the correct angles and then weld in place.

12. Grind any welds as required and paint.

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I came across the three point linkage boom plans but I didn't have the confidence to build it myself so I got a friend who is a welder to make it for me. He says that the plans are very professionally done.

I have built several of the plans on this website and this one is my favourite.

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