How to make welding trestles

Welding Trestles Plans

These welding trestles will be very useful when building equipment such as those featured in our plans plus has many other uses.

The overall height of the welding trestles as shown is 900mm but you may need to alter the height to suit your needs. This is done by simply altering the length of items numbered 2.

The steel used is 50x50x1.6mm (or 2mm) shs (square hollow section).

Steel required for one welding trestle
Item Number Length Quantity
1 1200mm 1
2 800mm 2
3 600mm 2
4 350mm - 45 degree mitre both ends 4

1. Begin by cutting the steel to the required sizes. Note that Item 4 has a 45 degree mitre cut on both ends.

2. On items numbered 3, mark the position for item numbered 2. This is 275mm in from both ends.

3. Layout items numbered 2 and 3 and after checking that they are square, tack weld together.

4. Place items numbered 4 into position as shown in the picture below and tack weld into place.

5. After rechecking that the items are still square, fully weld.

6. Next, on item numbered 1, mark 100mm in from both ends.

7. Position the previously assembled legs onto item number 1 and after ensuring that the legs are square with item number 1, tack weld. Recheck that the trestle is still square and fully weld.

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These plans are so simple, my 12 year old son built a pair.

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