Slam Latch Installation Instructions

How to Install a Slam Latch and Striker Plate

Have you ever wondered how to install a slam latch (also called a cam latch), to livestock equipment or any other gate on the farm?

Fitting a slam latch and striker plate to a cattle crush or catttle yard gate is simple if you follow these simple instructions.

cam latch fitted on side

Diagram 1

The slam latch can be fitted either of two ways.

1. With the gate in the closed position, begin by holding the slam catch and the striker plate in the desired position. Ensure that the pin of the slam latch is centred in the hole of the striker plate. Tack weld the striker plate to the gate frame.

slam latch fitted incorrectly

Diagram 2

2. Position the slam latch as shown making sure that the pin will contact with the angled "ramp" of the striker plate. If the pin contacts the edge of the striker plate rather than the ramp, it will not allow the pin to slide into the hole of the striker plate.

Diagram 2 shows slam latch incorrectly installed.

slam latch fitted correctly

Diagram 3

3. Tack weld the frame of the slam latch to the gate.

Diagram 3 show correct fitment of slam latch.

slam latch cam weld location

Diagram 4

4. Weld the cam to the slam latch frame as shown in diagram 4 as indicated by the arrow. A large tack weld is normally sufficient. Welding all of the way around is not necessary.

Test the installation by turning the slam latch handle ensuring that the latch doesn't bind.

Fully weld the striker plate and the slam latch as required.

As with most moving parts, occasional lubrication is essential.

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