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Trailer Wire Spinner Plans Book


Trailer Wire Spinner Plans Book:

  • Suitable for both plain and barb wire
  • Back saving
  • Less tangled wire rolls

We developed this wire spinner for use on our property as we were annoyed with the way traditional wire spinners work (or don't work). The problems with traditional wire spinners are that the roll of wire has to be lifted up and onto the spinner to load it therefore risking back injury and once you walk off down the fence line, you are not able to see if the wire is getting tangled or when the end of the wire is nearing.

With our design, the top of the spinner rotates 90 degrees so you only have to lift one side of the plain wire roll to load the spinner and because it is designed to be towed behind a quad bike, you are able to see what the wire is doing.


  • Product code - TWS
  • Price - $29.50 including postage within Australia
  • $39.50 including postage outside of Australia

  • Product code - TWSPDF (digital format - pdf file)
  • Price - $26.00 for immediate download

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